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#MMP POR-15 Pint METAL MASK "Bare Metal Gray Finish"

Is it bare metal, or is it Metal Mask? Rejoice, restorers! After years of development, we have finally answered your urgent requests for a super-tough coating that looks just like bare metal. Now you can permanently coat and protect all of those components on your chassis that were left unpainted by the factory when the vehicle was new. Items such as spindles, steering boxes, coil brackets, rear ends, leaf springs, bolt heads, suspension components, master cylinders, coil springs, gas tanks, cast iron transmission housings, and others will look 'factory correct' when coated with METAL MASK.Gone forever are the days when you had to rely on cheapo cans of enamel spray paint that look good for a few months or weeks, but cannot withstand the rigors of the road.

 is extremely tough, very chip and scratch resistant, and amazingly close to the color of brand-new cast iron or bare steel.

And, METAL MASK is the perfect coating for the high stress bracketry, such as hood hinges, hood springs, hood latch assemblies, etc. It is super tough yet flexible, making it perfect for those areas where enamel paint is sure to flake away


#MMP  Pint


NOTE: POR-15 Products CAN NOT be shipped via Air Freight.

We can only ship them to the lower 48 United States by ground freight.


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