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1955 Chevy #472 Bel Air, Nomad, 210 HOOD BIRD "Show Quality"

One of the most distinctive aspects of the mid-fifties Chevys are the beautiful hood birds.

The focal point of your car shouldn’t be neglected.  Danchuk spared no expense in the tooling for these birds and we spend hours working the castings by hand to prepare them for plating.

If your hood bird is pitted or showing its age, don’t waste your money on a fill and chrome job.  Replace that faded glory with this top-notch Danchuk part.

Don’t settle for a cheap knock-off; money spent anywhere else is just wasted.

This includes the gasket part # 918.

Danchuk # 472 will work on any 1955 classic Chevy.

Made in the United States of America.  Best Quality.

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