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#CHQ POR-15 Quart CHASSIS COAT BLACK "Semi-Gloss Black" Top Coating

POR-15 Top Coat  is a direct-to-metal coating designed to work incredibly well in all applications where there is a need to preserve substrates susceptible to corrosion. Under exposure to sunlight and weather POR-15 Top Coat  has exceptional long-term gloss and color retention. POR-15 Top Coat  can be applied directly to metal substrates, with no need for a primer or undercoat, and is formulated to form a robust barrier that sheds moisture to provide long lasting protection. POR-15 Top Coat has excellent adhesion and when used over POR-15 RUST PREVENTIVE COATING  the products create a system that works to provide a permanent barrier to corrosion.


#CHQ Quart


NOTE: POR-15 Products CAN NOT be shipped via Air Freight.

We can only ship them to the lower 48 United States by ground freight.


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